Installing Ubuntu 12.04 on Windows Azure

Ok I’ve done this three times now and am writing this so that I do not have to go through the same pain again. The problem is when you create an Ubuntu VM and then install something through apt-get 9 times out of ten you just corrupted your sudoers file and now you cannot sudo anymore. So follow these instructions and you can get around the problem:

  1. Create Ubuntu VM
  2. Log in via SSH I use Putty
  3. Change the root password using this command: sudo passwd root
    1. Now you can fix anything without needing to get to the Recovery Mode
  4. sudo visudo
  5. Add this line to your sudoers file:
    1. <your username>= (ALL:ALL) ALL
    2. Save file
  6. Now you should be safe from file corruption if not then repeat steps 4 & 5 to fix again.

I will be posting more about this for I just built a CloudBioLinux VM on Azure and will post about that soon.


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How to subvert a secure VPN connection

Ok yes I have not posted in a long while but this is a perfect thing to post. I happen to connect to work through a secure VPN connection that is supposed to turn off your access to “other” local computers. This mainly means that I cannot use my networked printer or get to my server when I am VPN’ed into work. Well I have found an interesting hitch to this I have been running my internal network via IPv6 for a while and I accidentally hit print and it worked. It took a little while for me to realize what had happened. My new HP LaserJet printer which is IPv6 compatible (and has a IPv6 address) was still being talked to by my windows 7 PC via IPv6 while the IPv4 address was fully inaccessible. Whoa major security hole!!! But who said that Cisco would think someone would have moved their local network off of IPv4 yet (I like living on the bleeding edge of technology). Plus I have found that IPv6 is faster than IPv4. All of the cruft of the old tech has been removed plus Google et al through IPv6 is blazingly fast since no one else is using it yet. If you want to try this go get the gogo6 client at and see how everyone will be surfing the net next year.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 Install Issue


After installing VS2008 SP1 I started up VS and went to create a new project and what do you know I had no Project templates. In order to fix this just run devenv /installvstemplates and everything is fine again.

Download details: Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1

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License for my OneNote Addin

I am licensing my OneNote addin under a BSD style license. So go and make it better 🙂
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Updated download site

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For a friend

If you like tennis, check out The Racket Bracket, which is considered to be the best out of all of the tennis training devices available today.
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The 2 things that will kill classic VB


It is not Microsoft; no it is the current hardware stack, in the server arena you have multicore 64 bit OSs (I dare you to find a well supported 32 bit server box today). And now it is getting really hard to find a consumer box which is not multicore in some way, and it is getting harder and harder to find 32 bit consumer boxes (yes you can put a 32 bit OS on them but now you just killed the machines upgradability by limiting its memory address space).

While today no one can imagine why you would need more than 2GBs of RAM just wait sometime soon 8GBs in a consumer box will be the norm. Because of things like video play back and in home video editing will become a standard thing for people to do on their PC. This will drive the use of more and more CPUs; the kids who are learning how to use a computer today will probably not remember the days of single CPUs and how hard it was to create a 1 hour long YouTube video (though I do not think one exists yet but someday just wait it will). In order to be able to do this kind of work new technologies have to become available (and their are some happening but the field is very new).

Now as to the death of VB6 it can not take advantage of these new technologies because first it is a 32 bit system their is no 64 bit compiler so it has to run in an emulation layer (WOW64). This limits its usefulness on a 64 bit server because of the inherent limitations of WOW64, i.e.. can only run in a single process, may allow for a larger heap memory size but you need to recompile with options the VB6 compiler does and will not support, in IIS only 1 32 bit worker process is allowed (it is going to get rather crowded in there if you have a large number of legacy apps), and finally the ancient runtime does not support threading the way it really needs to in order to take full advantage of multiple CPUs. These issues are the death knell for VB6; believe me if you can please start migrating your classic VB apps now because in 2-3 years you will be hurting.


Until next time.



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